It is with a great deal of thanks and appreciation that I write you this letter. Over the course of the past 4 years since using Langlois Financial Services, I have received nothing but the best when it comes to customer service and care! Aside from offering sound, expert advice regarding financial planning, your team's ability to go that extra mile when it comes to customer service, is quite frankly - amazing!

Ever since joining Langlois Financial Services, both my wife and I have gained a strong sense of security in knowing that our future is in excellent shape financially - thanks to the advice and recommendations you have offered. Your continued support by answering all of our questions (no matter how general they may be) is so appreciated. You always seem to put the customer first - ahead of anything else, and I'm sure that's a key component to your success in this industry.

I think it is a rare thing in this day and age, when a company such as yours can still offer the type of service you do. Whether it is a simple call to make sure all is OK, or a thank-you for referring a friend - you always go that extra step. For a company to be able to offer such expert serivce, and still roll out the red carpet to its customers, it truly is a rarity in today's market.

In any event, I just wanted to let you know how appreciated your services are, and to let you know that whenever an opportunity presents itself, I will always recommend your services!

T & M Harrison, Toronto, Ontario
I'm probably like most people and have very little practical money-making knowledge aside from earning a weekly paycheck and I have even less knowledge on how to get the most from what I do make. However, I do have enough interest to find a good, honest person with whom to trust my money, and for me, that person is Mike Langlois. I have known and dealt with Mike for 10 plus years & have every confidence in his knowledge and judgement. I always know that no question is too small or unimportant for me to ask and Mike always has time to answer. Not every financial adviser feels that way - believe me, I know from experience. I have no hesitation in recommending Mike and his team to my family and friends and I consider them friends as well.

J. Sargent, Georgetown, Ontario
Hello. I’ve been with Langlois Financial Services for several years now. I’m 91 years of age and I’ve dealt with many investment companies over the years and I have found this company to be one of the best. The dinner and seminar events have always been great, a good night out with good food and friendly people. Thank you Langlois Financial for all your good work!

May Leggett
"A positive experience in too many ways to list" Being a client of Langlois Financial Services is a positive experience in too many ways to list.

Ken Mariani

I just wanted to personally thank you for everything you have done for us. First of all Dave & Brandon had an awesome time at the Leaf game thanks to you giving them the tickets. It was Brandon's first time and he really enjoyed it, even though the Leafs lost. LOL The seats were great!!! Next I would love to thank you for taking the time out to talk to the boys regarding insurance, it helps a lot when someone else gives our kids a positive perspective on life as sometimes our kids don't think us parents know what we're talking about.

Most importantly, I would really love to thank you for investing our money through your company and recommending Mike your accountant as we received a nice refund this year compared to any other year we've filed.

Michael we've know each other now for many many years and I consider you a great friend and great person to have in anyone's life. You're like family to us!!!

All the best for your family. hope your son is doing great. I think about him from time to time.

D & T Leonard, Brampton, Ontario
We are with Brian because we like Brian, we trust Brian, and, when we need him, he promptly replies. When Brian comes over, he never rushes to get out. Brian gives us all the time we need! That is reassuring! Thank you, Brian.

Joe and Christle Lowie
I would be happy to recommend anyone to talk to Langlois Financial. I would be happy to recommend anyone to talk to Langlois Financial. I was a newcomer to the investment game when I approached them, and I could not be happier with their patience in the rookie. The staff are friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable. I was left feeling very comfortable, and have seen my investment grow. I want to thank them very much. Thanks a "Million"

John Hana
My husband and I have been associated with Langlois Financial for five years. Our introduction came about when we were looking for someone to review our RRSP portfolio to make sure that we were going in the right direction. Our retirement investments were spread all over the place between banks and insurance companies.

Mike suggested a course of action which consolidated our funds, eliminated duplications and allow us to grow our investments within our budget. Over the years he has kept us aware of our financial position, our options and helped us establish an estate plan.

Twice each year Langlois Financial also manages to mix business with pleasure. In January, Mike hosts a client dinner followed with guest speakers. The food is terrific and the topics presented by the industry experts are always informative. In the summer it's all pleasure. We start the day with a bus ride to a mystery location. On the way we stop for dinner. After dinner we're off to a live show then back to the bus and home. It's a great outing with lots of laughter, good food and entertainment.

If you're looking for a financial advisor that will look out for you, enjoy their work and get to know their clients beyond the annual statement, I would suggest you talk with Mike and his team.

W & C Briggs, Georgetown, Ontario
When asked why dealing with Langlois Financial Services is a positive experience, the answer is easy. The three words at the beginning of the website answer that; trust, experience, & knowledge.

Since the beginning, my family has had complete trust in Mike and his staff in handling our financial affairs. It has always felt like a friend is looking after us. It only takes a phone call and Mike is sitting at the kitchen table answering questions and offering solutions.

Thank you for all the years of peace of mind.

Valerie Jordan
On behalf of the Jordan and White families

For the past 15 years Mike Langlois has not only been both our insurance agent and financial planner but also a trusted friend. The service we have experienced from Mike has been exemplary. Through estate planning and consolidation of our investment portfolio Mike has helped us to achieve our investment goals.

D & J Ward, Georgetown, Ontario
Big thanks to you and Brian for your excellent advice. Going into this year with some dread after a $140,000 severance package, we expected to pay through the nose. We ended up paying under $200. Our tax preparer tells us that she has done several package-related returns, most of them owing taxes in the several thousands of dollars. She told us that whoever advised us did a great job, and it turns out that was you.

Thanks again for the years of great service, and especially for these last couple of years.

J & K Miller, Pickering, Ontario
Mike, you and your team have built this business into the success that it is today. Pat and I have been with you since the early days of your insurance business. You have earned our complete trust because of your ethics and integrity. That is one reason we have continued to trust you with our investments. You have diligently managed our portfolio.

Under your guidance, it has grown to what can now provide Pat and me with a decent retirement income. The peace of mind that gives us, along with knowing we are in good hands, is invaluable. Prior to meeting you, we had invested with other organizations. We had listened to our bank people and used some of their services.

Only Langlois Financial Services has given us the kind of performance we needed. Unlike others, you told us you would be available anytime we needed you. You live up to that statement everyday. You always called us back and/or came to our house to discuss our investments and strategies. You have used your experience and investment knowledge to invest us in performance products that fit our risk parameters and you have managed them better than we could have hoped for.

Over the years, you and Charmaine have become our friends. We value your friendship. Hard work, trust, and integrity, along with exceptional product knowledge and how your products will best work for us, (and your many other clients) are the reasons for your success and the reaso you will continue to build and grow your business.

J &Pat and John Jones
We have always taken our investing very seriously. We used to be with a financial advisor at a large Bay Street firm. Our advisor there was giving us incorrect rates of return and was investing our funds in too many losing investments. We knew we needed to make a change.

Brian Langlois played for the Langlois Financial’s sponsored team in the Brampton Minor Baseball League. Our son played in the same league and that is how, as luck would have it, we got to know Brian. We met with Brian to discuss our investments and were very pleased with the plan he created. We were also impressed that we were able to contact him anytime we needed to, even on weekends. It was clear that Brian and the Langlois team took our investments as seriously as we did.

We’ve been with Langlois Financial for several years now and are very pleased with the progress of our investments. Their commitment to their clients is exemplary. Langlois Financial is a family-run business and they make their clients feel like extended family. The yearly dinner and seminar event is a fun and informative get-together of this extended family and it is great to meet other people who value the importance of solid investing and strong relationships.

Here’s to many more years of happy investing

John & Patricia Leggett
From the moment I transferred a small RRSP into Langlois Financial hands, I was treated nothing short of spectacular. It didn’t matter to Mike if I was investing a small amount or a large amount . . . he took the time to explain things to me, meet at a time convenient to me, and has never been too busy to take time to discuss matters with me.

As I expanded my portfolio, I have never once thought about checking what someone else could do for me, as I would never be able to trust someone else with my money like I do with the Langlois family.

In today’s day and age, customer service and respect is not something a lot of companies understand. However, Mike and his team have gone above and beyond.

Phil Dawson
Our family have been clients of Langlois Financial pretty much from its inception. My husband and I have continued to increase our financial well-being from day one. From when we were just starting out with only a few dollars to invest, until now, as long time clients, Langlois Financial has treated us with the same level of dignity, professionalism and exceptional level of service.

Mike Sr. was instrumental in guiding us in the early days to allow us to invest wisely and gain enough capital to purchase our first home. Thanks to his inspirational and infectious positive attitude, we’ve managed to successfully stay aligned on our retirement goals and build a solid legacy for our children.

Respect, dedication and the level of client services offered by Langlois Financial is second to none in the industry. Our children have a solid start to their educational future with the careful guidance and future projection on consistent gains in our RESP’s. The array of different types of investments offered and the continued monitoring of their success is beyond compare. Our mutual respect and longstanding client/advisor relationship has been key to a bright future for our family. We can’t thank Mike and his amazing team enough.

Even through our good times and bad, they have always been there personally to help guide us and answer any questions that arise. Cheers to a successful future!

Tania and Jason Lediard
We have been fortunate to have been associated with Mike Langlois for almost twenty years. We have watched Mike develop his single operation into a very successful company, Langlois Financial Services. With Mike at the head it couldn't go wrong; he is such a hard worker, he is trustworthy, honest and a true friend. He has also chosen his staff wisely. They are all friendly, knowledgeable, accessible, and client oriented. Although Mike is very busy, he always finds time to keep his clients up to date with either phone calls or visits. He also finds time for fun. We have had some pleasant day trips put on by Langlois Financial. At least once a year he hosts a dinner/seminar with guest speakers to keep us informed about the latest market situations. Even here he adds a little fun with draws for a few prizes and I'm sure everyone goes home happier than they arrived. We have recommended Mike to family and friends and they have all been truly grateful. We will continue to refer Mike whenever possible. Mike has shown commitment to his clients as well to his community. Mike, we appreciate your commitment and the time you spend with your clients. The market has gone up and down during our twenty years and we are still enjoying our retirement thanks to you. The road may still be a little bumpy but we are glad you are looking after our finances for us. Thanks also to Charmaine, Brian and Peggy... you're a great bunch and you all deserve credit. Keep up the good work. Thanks a "Million"

N & D Long, Georgetown, Ontario
I would like to send a big thank you and a shout out to Brian Langlois for the many years of great services for our family. Brian has been very genuine and knowledgeable, as well as discreet, providing all the services we required for our life insurance, mortgage insurance, and investments.

Our family has gone through what many have, and that is divorce, marriages, births and more, and through it all, Brian was a gentleman and a friend.

Laura Stanton
I am a client of Langlois Financial. I am just one of the little investors; a few RRSP’s, RRESP’s, but I have always been treated like I was special! My business mattered and I was never treated different because of the size of my investments.

Mike always came to the house, explained what was best for me and we have become friends over the years. Langlois Financial also thanks clients, with dinner and entertainment. Who else takes time out to appreciate their clients? In today’s society, with all the cell phones, emails, texting, call centers, etc, it’s nice to have human contact, to be made to feel special and know that you matter!

I have been with Langlois Financial for over 10 years now. I can’t stress enough that, if you want your money well invested, you are in good hands with Langlois Financial. They are a one of a kind investment company that has been in business for over 25 years: They must be doing something right!

Sonya Serrick
We would like to express our deep appreciation to Langlois Financial Services Inc. for helping us over the past 4 years to understand why investing through them was the best decision we’ve made in 40 years of our marriage.

Whenever we need reassurance about anything to do with our investments, Brian has done his utmost to make these rookie investors feel the weight lifted off of our shoulders and with excellent financial statements to prove it. As such, I feel it is my duty to help my former co-workers too, by recommending Brian and the firm for investing their retirement funds.

We recently were delighted when Brian accepted my invitation to my company retirement luncheon. All those in attendance could see that I’m confident in LFS’ ability to handle my retirement. Many people asked for Brian’s business card and expressed their interest in contacting him. As we all know, investing money can be a nightmare with the wrong company. But Langlois Financial Services has proven above and beyond they are the best at what they do! My friend of 22 years, who is the most skeptical person I know when it comes to investing, is now realizing what I’ve told her is true and has entrusted her money with them!!!

Langlois Financial Services we can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done. We the Vitellis approve this firm as a company you can trust!

Joyce and Joseph Vitelli
My husband and I are always so appreciative of the amount of care and attention to detail provided. As always, after every visit with Brian at Langlois Financial, my husband and I are always so appreciative of the amount of care and attention to detail provided. It always feels like we are meeting with family and truly trust his guidance and great advice. I wouldn’t change one thing about Langlois Financial.

Lisa and Travis Cutting
We have never experienced a company so dynamic as Langlois Financial. Mike and his staff truly care for their clients. They are very knowledgable and trusting, always ready to answer any questions or concerns we may have.

Langlois Financial is continuously keeping us up to date on any changes we need to be aware of. Every year Mike has an appreciation day for his clients, which may be a dinner and show or a dinner and seminar to keep us informed of our investments.

Finally, Mike is not only our financial planner, he is truly a good friend.
Thank you Langlois Financial.

F & J Campagna, Brampton, Ontario
Carl and I have been clients of Mike Langlois and his team since 2010. We were told about Mike by our friends, who had used his services for many years, and recommended him highly.

At first we were anxious about handing over our finances to a stranger but realized that we didn’t have the expertise to plan for our retirement without help. After meeting Mike and Peggy, we felt better and transferred our finances and records to their care.

After the first year of investments, our hesitation evaporated; we had great results. Now, several years after we retired, we are happy that we made the decision to let Langlois Financial Services Inc. look after us. We have also been getting our travel insurance through Brian and recommend his services to all our friends.

Thank You to Mike and his team.
Lene Fisker