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Our services are designed to safely build your wealth.

We're here to help. Our job is to make sure you are taken care of. You've been saving all of your life and hoping that you are making the right financial decisions which will allow you to live with the freedom you deserve. You think about your lifestyle upon retirement, your kids' college education, your business and how it will run when you are ready for retirement. Will you be able to afford that trip to Europe? What about the dreams of your family cottage?

Langlois Financial Services provides the trust, experience and knowledge to give you financial peace of mind. Our services are integrated to give you the breadth of knowledge and designed to safely build your wealth. We'll guide you and ensure your portfolio is attended to with detail and accuracy. Since 1989 we've provided solid advice and our clients will tell you—to know us is to trust us. Let's meet to review your financial portfolio now.

Why Choose Us?
  • We have over 100 combined years of experience!
  • Our Financial Investment Philosophy works.
  • We maintain our professional certifications.
  • Trust. Experience. Knowledge.
  • We work for you to get results.
Langlois Financial Services

Investment & Retirement Planning

We build customized portfolios to help you reach your long term and short term goals, based on your risk tolerance, time horizon and investment knowledge. Every plan is different and personalized to your specific needs.

Tax and Estate Planning

We utilize many different strategies to help minimize and defer taxes on your assets during your lifetime and when transitioning to your heirs. How much you have is not as important as how much you keep.

Succession Planning

A succession plan will help make the transfer of your business go smoothly and allow you to maintain good relationships with employees and business partners. A good succession plan does more than specify who will continue the business and when. It includes the financial resources required to ensure the survival of your business in case of retirement, illness, accidents and even death.

Insurance Solutions

Insurance is the foundation of a sound financial security plan. We offer insurance solutions to protect your family and business against the uncertainties of life. Our insurance solutions are designed for a variety of needs. We help you to protect your present and future income, preserve your estate for your heirs, supplement your retirement income and meet other financial planning needs.

Employee Benefits

A group benefits package not only helps to attract the right talent for your company, it also helps to retain employees and protect your investment. Benefits can include Group RRSPs and Pensions as well as Health Benefits and Insurance programs.

Let's meet!

We would be happy to meet with you at no obligation to review your financial portfolio and suggest how we can help with your financial future. Send us a note.

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Investment and Retirement Planning
Tax and Estate Planning
Succession Planning
Insurance Solutions
Employee Benefits