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Langlois Financial Services Inc. is located in Brampton, Ontario. We offer personalized advice in all aspects of financial planning. Our highly qualified advisors specialize in five key areas of planning: Investment and Retirement Planning, Tax and Estate Planning, Succession Planning, Insurance Solutions, and Employee Benefits. We utilize sophisticated planning tools, designed to assist our clients in achieving their financial dreams and goals.

Langlois Financial Services Inc. considers quality of service to be our number one asset. We are always aware of current trends and opportunities in the financial field, so that our clients can expect up-to-date information and advice. We are dedicated to developing complete financial portfolios for each of our clients based on their individual needs.


Depending on your tax bracket, often the answer could be both. For example if you have $5,000 and you are in a 40% tax bracket, instead of just paying the $5,000 against the mortgage, you can invest it in your RRSP and then take the $2,000 tax break and use that to pay down your mortgage. Just like that you have turned a $5,000 asset into $7,000.
Dollar cost averaging is quite simple. By investing the same amount of money on a regular basis, (monthly, weekly or otherwise) you will buy fewer shares when an investment’s price is high and more when that price is low. This will generally reduce risk and result in an investor having an average purchase price lower than the share’s average price. For more details read our article “who Should Invest Every Month? Maybe You!”
Estate planning is arranging your assets so that they are disbursed, tax efficiently, where you want them to be. In Canada, you can distribute your assets to two of the following three groups: Your beneficiaries, your favourite charity, or Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. Estate planning is making the decision instead of leaving it to CRA to decide.
Yes. There have always been different options to be aware of, but now, with many of the large lenders switching from conventional to collateral mortgages, there are even more traps to watch for. For a breakdown on the differences between Conventional and Collateral mortgages, read "Are You Aware of What You’re Really Agreeing to With Your Bank Mortgage”
[ 5 ] Key Areas of planning
Investment and Retirement Planning
Tax and Estate Planning
Succession Planning
Insurance Solutions
Employee Benefits
Meet Our Team
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Michael Langlois

Founder and President

Mike entered the financial services industry in 1989 and has been recognized as one of the most successful advisors in the country ever since. He is often asked to share his expertise as a keynote speaker at financial industry meetings.

Mike is a qualifying and lifetime member of the Million Dollar Round Table and has earned CHS and CPCA designations. His main areas of expertise are investment, estate and tax planning.

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Brian Langlois

Certified Financial Planner

Brian began a successful financial services career in the year 2000 and earned his Certified Financial Planner designation in 2004.

Brian specializes in creating comprehensive financial plans, investment analysis and portfolio construction.

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Michael Langlois Jr.

Financial Security Advisor

Michael Langlois Jr. is a graduate of George Brown College. Specializing in client services, he plays a major role in the day-to-day operations of Langlois Financial Services.

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